Policy Principles - Management techniques: to implement effective environmental management practices and to ensure the environmental awareness of our workforce, encouraging every employee to perform in an environmentally responsible sound manner.

Continuous Improvement- to improve the environmental performance of our processes and products through research and development of new technologies and procedures, preventing and reducing emissions, minimizing waste and controlling noise.

Sustainable Development- to contribute to sustainable development and growth by using energy, water and raw materials efficiently, optimizing our use of natural resources.

Product Stewardship- to promote the recovery, recycling and re-use of our products and to work with our customers to understand the effects of our products on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Suppliers and Contractors - We strive to encourage suppliers and contractors to behave in a responsible manner and to maintain awareness of environmentally sound practices.
Environment Policy
Environmentally  aware
for sustainable growth
Environmental Policy We are committed to providing a quality service that ensures a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and minimizes the potential impact on the natural environment through the use of sustainable practices and continuous improvement of our performance.
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